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The DS Facial Cleansing Device is a silicone based and features three customizable modes. With its dual brush head it is optimized for all skin types. It will ensure a deep and thorough cleanse.


The Luxury Of Silicone

Made from ultra-hygenic silicone, the DS facial cleansing device is waterproof, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and odor-restiant.


Customizable for All Skin types

Created with three customizable modes. The DS facial cleansing device  has bristles gentle enough for all skin types and concerns. 


Mode One:

Suitable for an everyday cleanse. This mode has the lightest vibrations. 


Mode Two: 

Pairs great with any physical exfoliation product.


Mode Three: 

With the fastest vibrations, this function removes makeup in little to no time.


How to use

Push botton to power on and cycle through modes. Use twice daily in circular motions to maintain fresh, cleansed skin. 


Facial Cleansing Device

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